Social Entrepreneur from Uganda Wins Prestigious Global Fellowship

November 2, 2011

NAIROBI, KENYA- Alice Emasu of Kampala, Uganda has been selected by Ashoka: Innovators for the Public as a member of its global fellowship of leading social entrepreneurs.  At an upcoming gathering scheduled for November 2011, Ashoka will be formally recognizing Alice for his many years of work innovating in the field of rural development.

Alice Emasu is being recognized by Ashoka for her entrepreneurial leadership skills. Alice is transforming patriarchal social structures at the village level to enable women to become land owners as a means to ensuring their economic prosperity. To achieve this Alice is creating a visible body of law at the local level that makes everyone in the rural communities she is working with aware that women have the right to own land. To accomplish this, she is on one hand working at the district level with women’s groups and local leaders to draft district level bi-laws that protect women’s right to own land. On the other hand, she is creating a grassroots framework of activists including women, local leaders and retired civil servants to actively facilitate the enforcement of these laws in behalf of poorest and most vulnerable women in their communities.

Salim Mohamed, Ashoka’s Representative for East Africa, said, “We are very encouraged by Alice Emasu’s innovative model and we believe that this idea, in Alice’s hands, is really going to spread to the national level and throughout East Africa. I think this is particularly encouraging as this concept enables women to become land owners as a means to ensuring their economic prosperity.” 

Alice Emasu now joins 45 other Fellows from Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda elected since 2001 and more than 2,700 Ashoka Fellows globally. 

 About Ashoka

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