Capacity Building

Country: Uganda
Organization: Mango Tree Educational Enterprises

Craig Esbeck improves the way young children in Uganda learn by equipping primary school teachers with learning aids that are affordable, culturally relevant, and engaging. He also provides the instruction and encouragement teachers need to use the aids effectively.

Country: Kenya

James Nguo is providing an integrated solution to improving the quality of life in rural East Africa by establishing a network of knowledge hubs which serve to increase access to agro-information for farmers, increase the capacity of extension workers in supporting farmers, and create employment opportunities for rural youth. 

Country: Kenya
Organization: Akili

Through a model that relies jointly on aggregating production, co-ownership of agricultural businesses, and retooled value chains, Haron Wachira has created a surprising win-win scenario for subsistence farmers and agro-processing businesses in Kenya. This is impressive not only because of the unlikely partnerships formed, but because the agricultural sector in East Africa is chronically...

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