Business Entrepreneurs

Country: Kenya
Organization: ETANG Kenya

Patrick is helping Kenyan consumers, many of them farmers, to connect with technologies that will allow them to increase the earnings from their farms and small-scale business ventures.

Country: Kenya
Organization: Green Power

Ndiga Nyaga has developed an initiative that brings electricity to underserved rural populations in Kenya. By empowering communities to come together and invest in the construction and operation of local hydroelectric power plants and distribution networks, Nyaga is helping increase the quality of life as well as productivity of individuals living in rural areas.

Country: Tanzania

Starting in northwestern Tanzania, Joseph Sekiku is improving economic possibilities for small-scale farmers by giving them greater control over their products post-production and greater access to global markets. By doing so he equips farmers to make their own decisions about their business rather than be directed and exploited by middlemen.

Country: Kenya

Starting in Kenya, Adam Tuller aims to meet the growing demand for fuel that has led to deforestation, through an ambitious tree planting enterprise that draws on the strengths and contributions of science, the citizen sector, and business.

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