Country: Uganda
Organization: Mango Tree Educational Enterprises

Craig Esbeck improves the way young children in Uganda learn by equipping primary school teachers with learning aids that are affordable, culturally relevant, and engaging. He also provides the instruction and encouragement teachers need to use the aids effectively.

Country: Tanzania

Yared Fubusa’s Gombe School of Environment and Society is improving conditions for people and wildlife through education that promotes self-reliance, economic and cultural vitality, human health and peace.

Country: Uganda
Organization: Educate!

With the understanding that persistent poverty and social challenges cannot be solved without developing strong and resourceful leadership, Eric Glustrom partners with Ugandan schools to provide a practice-based social entrepreneurship program that empowers young people to think, and act, like changemakers. 

Country: Kenya

Bob Munro, creator of the Mathare Youth Sports Association, is one of the first people in the world to successfully unite sports and development. Through his organization, Bob has not only fostered young leaders, he has inspired them to change their communities for the better.

Country: Kenya
Organization: Technology for Tomorrow

Girls in East Africa who can’t afford sanitary products are forced to miss school and many end up dropping out altogether. Dr. Moses Musaazi is reducing the rate of absenteeism among school girls in poor urban and rural communities by increasing access to affordable sanitary pads. Working with engineering students in Kenya, Moses developed a way to manufacture sanitary pads locally and out...

Country: Uganda

Irene is challenging the traditional educational system in Uganda by creating a new learning environment where young people are encouraged to think and act like entrepreneurs. Through her youth-led and community supported clubs, Ugandan youth get the opportunities to be creative, demonstrate initiative, and approach learning in new ways.

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