Country: Kenya
Organization: Changamka Microhealth

The majority of Kenyans do not have access to health insurance due to prohibitive pricing and an outdated coverage model that predominantly caters to formally employed individuals. Sam Agutu is revolutionizing the health insurance industry by leveraging mobile technology platforms to allow individuals to electronically save and pay for healthcare in an affordable and convenient manner.

Country: Uganda

In many wildlife-protected areas in Uganda, communities and wildlife are sharing habitats, living closer and interdependent lives than ever before. Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka is linking Uganda's wildlife management and rural public health programs to create common resources that benefit both people and animals.

Country: Kenya
Organization: Iko Toilet

David Kuria is creating high quality sanitation facilities accessible to the urban poor, by connecting sanitation as part of the dignity of living in community. He includes the community in the design, construction, and management of the facilities.

Country: Uganda

Focusing first on infertility, an unaddressed and complex problem in much of Africa, Rita Sembuya is helping citizens to voice their concerns in discussions of how, what, and to whom healthcare services are made available.

Country: Uganda

Cathy Watson is helping adolescents and young adults to make important life choices by encouraging frank discussion and education about sexuality, HIV and Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases. She is revolutionizing behavior change communication and HIV and Aids education in Uganda through her numerous newspaper publications, radio shows and media outreach efforts.

Country: Tanzania
Organization: APOPO

Landmines continue to destroy millions of lives years after. Bart Weetjens has trained Giant Pouched Rats to effectively detect explosives in minute amounts, as well as tuberculosis.

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