Country: Kenya

Collins Apuoyo is protecting the environment by safely collecting, storing, and reusing used oil that is otherwise dumped in rivers or uninhabited land in Kenya. Through a creative financing model, he has turned his project into a vehicle for economic development, by providing mechanics and disadvantaged communities with access to loans they can use to improve their small businesses.

Country: Uganda

Lillian Keene-Mugerwa promotes and defends labor rights in Uganda, placing particular emphasis on the rights of marginalized workers in the informal sector.

Country: Kenya
Organization: Iko Toilet

David Kuria is creating high quality sanitation facilities accessible to the urban poor, by connecting sanitation as part of the dignity of living in community. He includes the community in the design, construction, and management of the facilities.

Country: Kenya

James Nguo is providing an integrated solution to improving the quality of life in rural East Africa by establishing a network of knowledge hubs which serve to increase access to agro-information for farmers, increase the capacity of extension workers in supporting farmers, and create employment opportunities for rural youth. 

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