Appropriate Technology

Country: Kenya
Organization: Changamka Microhealth

The majority of Kenyans do not have access to health insurance due to prohibitive pricing and an outdated coverage model that predominantly caters to formally employed individuals. Sam Agutu is revolutionizing the health insurance industry by leveraging mobile technology platforms to allow individuals to electronically save and pay for healthcare in an affordable and convenient manner.

Country: Uganda
Organization: Mango Tree Educational Enterprises

Craig Esbeck improves the way young children in Uganda learn by equipping primary school teachers with learning aids that are affordable, culturally relevant, and engaging. He also provides the instruction and encouragement teachers need to use the aids effectively.

Country: Kenya
Organization: ETANG Kenya

Patrick is helping Kenyan consumers, many of them farmers, to connect with technologies that will allow them to increase the earnings from their farms and small-scale business ventures.

Country: Kenya
Organization: Technology for Tomorrow

Girls in East Africa who can’t afford sanitary products are forced to miss school and many end up dropping out altogether. Dr. Moses Musaazi is reducing the rate of absenteeism among school girls in poor urban and rural communities by increasing access to affordable sanitary pads. Working with engineering students in Kenya, Moses developed a way to manufacture sanitary pads locally and out...

Country: Kenya
Organization: Green Power

Ndiga Nyaga has developed an initiative that brings electricity to underserved rural populations in Kenya. By empowering communities to come together and invest in the construction and operation of local hydroelectric power plants and distribution networks, Nyaga is helping increase the quality of life as well as productivity of individuals living in rural areas.

Country: Kenya
Organization: Center of Human Rights and Democracy

Kennedy Wafula is combating the practice of forced female circumcision, which is still prevalent in many parts of Africa. He joins conventional approaches, including community monitoring and awareness efforts, with civil litigation to deliver girls safely to age 18, when they are legally adults and equipped to make decisions about their bodies.

Country: Kenya

Most scientific research in agriculture in Africa has focused solely on cash crops.  Therefore, although genetic modification has the ability to greatly improve food production, it has not benefited African smallholder farmers who produce over ninety percent of food. But this is finally changing, thanks to Florence Wambugu who has, through a variety of scientific and community based...

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