Word of the Fellows on the Youth Venture Program.

How best do you learn and start on a journey with lots of wisdom, than to share in the wisdom of those who have been there? Well I am referring to the, meeting with Ashoka Fellows: Wamuyu Mahinda and Haron Wachira!

The meeting was for them to share their views on how best to initiate and run the Youth venture (YV) program. The YV is the new  baby for Ashoka EA with a mission to promote empathy, entrepreneurial leadership and team work skills among the youth between the ages of 12-22 to while building a community of Everyone A Changemaker. 

Wamuyu shared her experience working with the youth especially through her organization the Youth Banner.  Youth Banner provides mentorship to the young entrepreneurs. She gave her view on how the synergy can be created to inculcate these qualities on youth for them to become changemakers. As the motive of this program is also to collaborate with different organization working with the youth to promote the same. 

Haron pointed out how important the youth are to the society.  To emphasis this, Haron shared that most crimes, from petty crimes to violent ones, mostly have a youth somehow involved. Borrowing heavily from his experience working with youth through Akili Holdings, his firm, Haron had nothing more than encouragement and admiration for the move to engage youth as changemakers from an early age. He added that he adores working with youth but emphasizing the need for structured frame work, which he knows YV will provide.

It was really exiting sharing their views.  We look forward to interact with other Fellows to give a word on the same. As all the Fellows are roles models that the youth can look upon.