Youth Venture

Youth Venture believed that the most important contribution we can make to the world is to increase its number of changemakers. As our world becomes smaller and global problems become bigger, we need changemakers now more than ever.

Youth Venture aims to inspire and suppport an entire generation of young people around the world to become changemakers.

Youth Venture

We believe it is crucial that people discover thast they can lead social change, so we invest in young people to design and lead their own ventures that create social impact. 

In starting social ventures, young peopke learn the important skills of leadership, entreprenuership, temawork, and empathy, as well as other practical skills, as they form teams and run ventures together. Young people also learn that they are powerful, and they will likely continue to take initiative and lead again and again throughout their lives.

Established by Ashoka, the world's leading association of social entreprenuership and the pioneer of the social entrepreneurship movement, Youth Venture is the working in over a dozen contries on the five continents, and the grow continues.